If you want to grow your brand online, you can do so by guest posting for other websites on the internet. By guest posting, you’ll establish yourself as an expert in the online world and grow your brand online.

While guest posting may take a lot of effort to get started, many long-term benefits come from getting published by other blogs. Some of the benefits will include exposure to other audience groups, publicity on social media networks, readers finding your brand online. You can also acquire link juice to your website from other blogs quoting you as ‘the expert’ on their own blog posts.

If you’re in the digital marketing space and you’d like to find sites that allow guest posts, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of websites that allow digital marketers to create and submit guest posts for their website.

Best Guest Posting Sites for Digital Marketing in 2024

(Guest Posting List in Alphabetical Order A-Z)

  1. Artiiseo Blog (https://learn.artiiseo.com/write-for-us )
  2. Burbro (https://burbro.com/write-for-us )
  3. CMI (https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/blog/blog-guidelines )
  4. Composely (https://compose.ly/write-for-us )
  5. Contact Pigeon (https://blog.contactpigeon.com/write-for-us )
  6. CoSchedule (https://coschedule.com/write-for-us )
  7. Digital Novas (https://digitalnovas.com/write-for-us )
  8. Funnel Overload (https://funneloverload.com/contribute )
  9. GetResponse (https://www.getresponse.com/blog/write-for-us )
  10. Hubspot Blog (https://blog.hubspot.com/guest-blogging-guidelines )
  11. Jeff Bullas (https://www.jeffbullas.com/writing-process-guidelines )
  12. Linkody (https://blog.linkody.com/write-for-us )
  13. Mail Jet (https://www.mailjet.com/contributor-guidelines )
  14. Making Different (https://www.makingdifferent.com/write-for-us )
  15. Marketing Profs (https://www.marketingprofs.com/write-for-us )
  16. Mashable (https://mashable.com/submit )
  17. Mention (https://mention.com/en/blog/guest-blogging )
  18. Outbrain (https://www.outbrain.com/blog/guest-blogging-guidelines )
  19. Pole Position Blog (https://www.polepositionmarketing.com/emp/write-for-us )
  20. SEO Hacker (https://seo-hacker.com/guest-post )
  21. SerpStat (https://serpstat.com/blog/how-to-submit-a-guest-post-to-serpstat-blog)
  22. Shout Me Loud (https://www.shoutmeloud.com/join-shoutmeloud )
  23. Social Media Examiner (https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/writers )
  24. Website Promoter (https://websitepromoter.co.uk/write-for-us )

Benefits of Writing Guest Posts for Digital Marketing 

If you’re thinking of writing guest posts for other websites, several benefits come from writing articles for other websites. It can be time-consuming to get published on other sites; however, once your post has been published, many long term benefits come from writing guest posts. 

The main benefit of writing guest posts for digital marketing is that you begin to brand yourself as ‘an expert’ within the digital marketing world. This is a huge benefit because people will begin to search for what you have to say about a topic because they trust what you’re saying as an authority in the digital marketing space.

Another benefit of publishing guest posts is that you can acquire new clients from your written posts. If your guest post has an author bio, you’re allowed to ‘sell’ yourself or your business. The readers will often read the author’s bio and visit your website to see what services or products you have to offer.

When you’re writing guest posts, some websites will allow you to add links in your author bio, directing the traffic to your website. This is a great source for traffic, but it also passes on some link juice, boosting your website. If you’re written a stunning article or a case study, you can also link off to your work (as long as it adds value to the reader and isn’t spammy).

How to Get Your Guest Posts Accepted

If you’re having trouble getting your guest posts accepted and published, it can be very frustrating. However, some methods can be used to ensure that your posts are published after you’ve submitted your guest posts.

Here are some guidelines for getting your guest posts accepted and published.

  • Always read the contribution guidelines to ensure that your guest post is written within the blog’s standards. 
  • Never be too self-promotional within the body of the text. The website isn’t trying to sell your products or services. However, you can sell yourself in the bio.
  • Always do your research, cite your sources, spell check your articles and check your article for plagiarism before submitting it.
  • Never copy someone else’s article, and make sure that your topics are unique and never written before.
  • Take a minute and look at the website to ensure that the topic hasn’t been previously written about on the site that you’re trying to guest post for. 
  • Before you write on any topic, get approval from the editors and have them approve the topic before you begin writing. This will save you time, build a relationship with the editor and help you understand what the editors are looking for in a guest post. 
  • Stay away from generic content. Nobody wants an article that says nothing, isn’t specific and isn’t relevant in 6 months. 

How to Pitch for Digital Marketing Guest Posts

Many people get frustrated when trying to pitch guest post topics because their topic pitches get rejected. If you’re having trouble pitching guest post topics, we have some tips that will help you get your topic ideas accepted.

Here are some tips on pitching guest post topics.

  • Always look at the website before pitching a topic to see if they cover your topic’s category. If the website isn’t relevant to your topic’s niche, your pitch will always get rejected. 
  • If you’re sure that the website is relevant to your topic idea, take the time to look at the website before pitching your topic idea. The website may have covered that topic before, and you’ll look unprofessional for pitching a topic that they’ve already written about.
  • Never use boilerplate messages that you can copy and paste into the email, change a few business names and send the email. Many editors can see through these generic emails, and they’ll assume that you’re not putting in the effort, which means that you’ll put in the same effort when you’re writing the guest post. 
  • Please take a few minutes and look through the website to get a feel for the website and try to understand their audience. This will go a long way when you’re creating a topic pitch because you’ll be able to pitch topics that the reader would enjoy. 
  • You should send roughly three topic ideas to any editor. If you send too many, it makes you look generic and if you send too few, you up your chances of getting the topic pitch rejected. 
  • Always include your credential and your field of expertise. Also, add links to your social media, recently published articles and your business name so that they can verify your identity as a contributor. 

Tips for Writing Guest Posts for Digital Marketing

While you may have gotten a topic approved, you still need to write the article and get it approved before the final guest post will be published. Don’t think that just because your topic pitch has been approved that you can slack off and not create a quality guest post for the website that you’re writing for.

Here are some tips to help you write a better guest post.

  • Always spell-check your article before submitting the final copy to ensure that there are no spelling errors in your guest post.
  • Always make sure that your article is unique and original. Nobody likes when someone writes 3-4 copies of the same topic and submits it to multiple websites as an ‘original’ guest post. Your article will likely get taken down if it’s found to be unoriginal content.
  • Always check your article for plagiarism before submitting the final copy. Even if you didn’t plagiarize, check the article to ensure that there’s little to no plagiarism found in your article’s body.
  • It would be best to read the article writing guidelines before you begin writing for a website. This will help you understand how the website would like you to write the article, and it’ll make it more likely to get approved.
  • Always stay on topic and don’t get off topic during the article.
  • Never use the guest posts as a spammy way to sell yourself, your products or your services. Most websites will reject the guest post submission if it’s spam or too salesy.
  • Always cite your sources if you’re making claims so that the readers can verify your story, and the editors can quickly find out where you’re getting your information. 

Summary – Best Guest Posting Sites for Digital Marketing

We hope that this article on the best guest posting sites for digital marketing will help you find a website that will accept your topic ideas and allow you to submit a guest post on their website. Always remember to be willing to put in the work for guest posts, and you’ll have no issue getting published on other websites. If you write well, research the topic and are an industry expert, most websites will gladly accept your guest post submission.