Best Money Clip Wallet — Updated February 2021

What is the Best Money Clip Wallet?

For a long time, a thick wallet was the way of the future because they could hold your money, banking cards, drivers license, and any other items you may need throughout your day. However, within the last few years, the money clips and minimalist wallets have been making a comeback based on people’s ability to pay for goods through debit or credit cards and not need to carry as many objects with them at all times.

With money clips on the rise, you’ll find that there is no shortage of money clips being sold online and in stores, but this doesn’t mean that they are all worth buying or even using for that matter.

In this guide, we will provide a review of the best money clip wallets that you can buy, and give you some helpful advice on what to look for when you’re buying a money clip. Hopefully, this buying guide will help you rest easy knowing that you bought the best money clip for your needs.


Carbon Fiber Money Clip by CarbonLife

This money clip is our top choice because of its simple, sleek design that looks classy and stylish. It is designed to protect your money from falling out of your pocket, and it’s also able to protect your bank cards from fraud because of its built-in RFID protection technology.

This money clip is built with 100% black carbon fiber, and it comes with a classic matte finish that is scratch resistant, which means that your money clip will look fresh for longer.

You can’t go wrong with buying this money clip. It’s designed to look classy with all styles and will definitely win you fashion points wherever you go.

Serman Brands Carbon Fiber Money Clip

This is a similar style money clip as the last one except by a different brand name and slightly different colors. This money also includes the RFID protection technology so that you can rest easy knowing that your bank cards are safe and sound.

This money clip can hold bills and bank cards with a firm grip so that they won’t fall out or get lost. It’s built with enhanced carbon fiber which adds a level of toughness to this product and ensures a long lifespan.

Serman Brands also offers a money-back guarantee so that you’re thrilled with your purchase.

Alaska Bear Classic Money Clip

Another classic looking money clip is the Alaska Bear Money Clip. It’s made out of stainless steel, and has a sleek smooth finish. This money clip offers a professional looking way for you to carry your money with less bulk. 

The Alaska Bear money clip is able to hold up to 15 fold bills, but it’s strong enough to hold a single bill without it getting loose and falling out of your pocket. It doesn’t have any RFID Blocking technology so be careful about carrying bank cards with this money clip.

MutBak Bunker Money Clip and Wallet

This money clip is ideal for someone who wants a minimalist wallet but also carries a few more bank cards than the average person. This wallet’s design is slim enough to fit in your front pocket but still big enough to hold eight bank cards and cash as well.

The MutBak Bunker wallet has RFID protection built into the wallet so that your money is always safe wherever you go. This wallet also carries a 1-year warranty, but since it’s made from leather, you can be sure it will have a long lifespan.

Viosi Genuine Leather Money Clip

One look at this wallet, and you can tell that this money clip is built to look stylish and robust. Crafted from genuine leather, you’ll find that this money clip will only look better as it gets older and the leather shows a bit of age.

This money clip has built-in magnetics to help keep your money safer than ever before. It’s able to hold up to 5 cards and has an attached money clip so that you can have cash with you at all times.
This wallet also comes with a 1-year warranty from Viosi, which is a reliable indicator that this company believes in their product.

Lever Gear Tool Card Money Clip

If you like to carry around multi-tools so that you always have those handy accessories with you whenever you need them, then you’ll love this money clip by Lever Gear. This money clip has 40 different tools all combined into the same thin card, and can still carry all your money as well.

This money clip is built with premium quality materials, including stainless steel that has been heat-tested to strengthen the steel and make it extra durable.
It also comes with a lifetime warranty and will be replaced if it gets wrecked or damaged — That’s a pretty impressive policy.

Gerber GDC Money Clip Wallet

This money clip is slightly different than the rest of the products that we have been taking a look at, but it’s such a neat design that we decided to add it.
Many people carry a pocket knife with them in case they find that they need a small knife. With this money clip, you’ll be able to carry your pocket knife and your money in one tool.

This money clip wallet comes with a built-in fixed blade that is securely stored inside a sheath for safe carry. It also allows for easy access with a push of a button. It has titanium-coated steel which keeps it safe from rust and offers a large plate that you can use to engrave your name on.

What Features to Look for When Purchasing a Money Clip Wallet

If you’re purchasing a money clip wallet, then there are factors that you’ll want to look for to ensure that you’re buying the best money clip wallet that you possibly can. The quality of products go far beyond the price, and as you’ve likely noticed from our list, the most expensive options are not always the best.
So you want to make an educated decision when you’re about to buy a money clip so that you’re sure that you bought the best money clip wallet for you and your needs.
Here are some of the things that you’ll want to look at before buying a money clip.

Style —

Let’s face it; using a money clip is a pretty stylish move for anyone to do and will score you some style points with your group of friends. But this doesn’t mean that you should buy just any money clip.

If you’re dressed rugged and wear jeans a lot, then you should likely look for a money clip that fits in with the styles you wear. It wouldn’t make any sense for you to buy a gold embossed money clip that’s intended for dress clothes when you’ll be wearing jeans and a plaid shirt.
On the other hand, if you frequently wear a suit and tie for work, then you wouldn’t want to buy the Lever Gear Tool Card Money clip. This would be far too informal for your attire and would make you look unprofessional.
The point here is that you should always find a money clip that adds to your outfit, instead of standing out like a sore thumb.

Material —

Another area that you’ll want to look at to ensure that you’re buying the best money clip is the materials that are being used to make the money clip. The materials that are being used will often affect the price of the money clip as well.
You’ll always want to take a look at the materials so that you can determine whether or not the money clip you’re looking to buy is going to be high quality or not.
The best money clips are often made out of carbon fiber or metal. These materials will add a nice weight to the money clip so that it will stay at the bottom of your pocket with less chance of falling out and getting lost.

Size —

Another critical factor to look at before buying a money clip is the size of the money clip. A money clip is supposed to be compact and sleek, so if the clips you’re looking at don’t meet that description, then it may be defeating the purpose.
You’ll need to figure out what size money clip you feel comfortable with carrying around and then try to find a money clip that best suits your preferences. This will help you feel more comfortable about using the money clip in public places and put you at ease while carrying a money clip.

Magnetic —

If you’re able to, you should look for a magnetic money clip. These are always fun to use and play with when you’re sitting around and have time to kill.
They are also sleeker than the spring or tension fed money clips, so you’ll be sure that your money clip is as slim as they come.
While this feature isn’t necessary to have in a money clip, it’s still a nice feature to have if you can find them.

Benefits of Using a Money Clip

People have many reasons for choosing to use a money clip instead of a traditional wallet. Some of the primary reasons are because money clips are sleek, convenient, and stylish.

If you’re wearing dress clothes a lot, then you won’t want to have a bulky wallet popping out of your dress pants, and this is one of the ways that a money clip can help you. A money clip can be easily stored in your pants pocket without being noticed by everyone around you.

Another reason why people opt to use a money clip is that they look stylish and professional. It feels clumsy to pull out your wallet when it’s loaded with your driver’s license, medical cards, and every credit card you’ve ever owned. Instead, it’s much more comfortable and fashionable to whip out a small money clip, containing your cash and any necessary cards.

Also, many people choose to use a money clip because they hate carrying a wallet around but also need money in their pockets. A money clip is a way to attach a weighted object to your bills so that they don’t fall out of your pocket while you’re busy about your day.

Are Money Clips Safe to Use?

While there’s no question that you’ll look more professional and stylish using a money clip, many people are more concerned about whether a money clip is safe or not. Nobody wants to discover their money was stolen and place themselves in an awkward or dangerous situation as a result.

I would say that a money clip is safer than a traditional wallet because it’s hard to see in your pocket, which means that a pickpocket won’t spot it as easily. If you are pickpocketed, however, then a money clip holds far fewer valuables than a traditional wallet.

If a pickpocket steals your billfold wallet, then they will have access to your driver’s license, your credit cards, your medical cards, and perhaps even a key to your home. But if a money clip is stolen, then you likely won’t have lost as much money, depending on how much you were carrying at the time.

Can a Money Clip Hold Bank Cards?

If you have a money clip but also need to keep track of your bank cards, then you’ll be able to clip your bank cards inside your money clip. A money clip is designed to hold flat objects together such as money and banking cards or other important objects that you need on your persons at all time.

A money clip isn’t the best option for holding banking cards, though. If you want your cards to be fully protected, then you’ll want a minimalist wallet with RFID protection technology to ensure that nobody can scan your bank cards and steal your money while you’re in public.

A minimalist wallet is also very slim and won’t be seen by anyone around you, so in that sense, you get the same benefits as a money clip except you can carry more bank cards and be better protected.

Alternatively, if you’re not sold on a money clip wallet, but are looking for a minimalist style, you might be interested in our best minimalist wallet buying guide.

Where to Buy a Money Clip Wallet

If you’re looking to buy a money clip wallet for yourself or a friend, then there are several places that you can go to buy a money clip.

If you go to a dress store, then you’ll likely be able to find a money clip in the accessories section of the store. If you’re unable to find a money clip in a dress store, then ask a store employee and see if they can order them in stock for you.

If the store is unable to order them for you, or if you didn’t see a money clip that you liked, then you may want to turn to an online solution.
You can usually buy a money clip through the brand’s online website, or online marketplaces such as Amazon.


We hope this money clip guide has helped you on your quest for the best money clip and provided some helpful information that has guided the process of buying your money clip.

While this list offers some of the best money clips you can buy, you should remember that everyone’s preference is different and that you should find the best money clip for your own needs and one that suits your personal style.
This way you’ll be sure that you bought the best money clips for you based on your own needs and preferences.