Best Nerf Guns (Ultimate List) — Updated April 2021

What are the best Nerf guns on the market?

When you’re about to wage war on the Nerf battlefield, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared with the best Nerf guns and lots of ammunition. If you’re going to win your Nerf battles, then you’ll likely need more than some good aim to help you conquer your enemies — you’ll need the best nerf gun!

The only problem with choosing the best nerf gun is the fact that there are so many Nerf guns that it can be hard to make up your mind and decide which Nerf gun you want to wage war. When you’re choosing the best Nerf guns, you’ll want to look at much more than just pricing and gun appearance. You’ll want to look at how the Nerf gun functions because there’s nothing more frustrating than a Nerf gun that jams up while you’re getting pelted with foam bullets.

While some guns look fun, they may not be the best Nerf gun because sometimes the fun looking Nerf guns can have more parts that break which result in less gameplay and more time repairing your Nerf guns. 

In this article, we are going to look at some of the best Nerf guns that you can add to your Nerf arsenal and use in your next nerf battle.

Here are 11 of the Best Nerf Guns that you can buy:

While these are not all of the best Nerf guns, these are the top choices by other users based on reviews, ratings, and best sellers. If you’re in a rush, we created a list of the best Nerf guns so that you can see our simplified list.

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  • High Capacity Hopper (up to 100 rounds)
  • Battery-powered
  • Fully Automatic
  • Easy to Load up
  • Shoots Fast

  • Switch Fire Technology 
  • 12 Dart Bullet Magazine 
  • Easy to Load Bullets 
  • Extra Magazine Clip for Backup
  • Shoots a good distance

  • Pump Action 
  • Shoots 4 rounds per shot 
  • Hand Powered (No batteries required)
  • Good shooting range

  • Pump Action 
  • Single Shot 
  • 12 round capacity 
  • Shoots a good distance

  • Fully Automatic 
  • 40 round magazine 
  • Rapid Fire Blasting 
  • Precision accuracy

  • High Powered
  • Drum Magazine ( 25 rounds)
  • Slam Fire Shooting
  • Manuel Pump (Shotgun Style)

  • 2 alternating barrels for shooting 
  • 25 round drum magazines 
  • High Powered 
  • Turret Style Tripod 
  • Automatic Shooting

  • 6 round magazine 
  • 2 magazines included 
  • Sniper Sights 
  • Tripod for stability

  • 25 round belt-fed magazine 
  • Pump Action Blasting 
  • Slam Fire Shooting 
  • Darts make an awesome whistling noise
  • This gun looks cool

  • Automatic Nerf Rifle 
  • FortNite Themed 
  • 10 round Magazine
  • Flip-up sights

  • 15 round revolver drum magazine 
  • Slam Fire Shooting 
  • Shoots up to 90 Feet
  • Low Cost for a high-quality gun

How to Purchase the Best Nerf gun

When you’re looking to buy a Nerf gun, you’ll want to be sure that you buy the best nerf fun, but since everyone has a different playing style, you’ll find that the Nerf gun which works best for you may not work the best for your friends.

Because of the diversity in playing style, it’s hard to pinpoint which gun is the overall best because it varies between scenarios. However, there are things to look for when buying a Nerf gun to make sure that you purchase the Nerf gun that’s best suited for you and your playing style.

Here’s what you should consider before purchasing a Nerf gun.

Nerf Gun Size —

When it comes to Nerf guns, the size of your Nerf blaster is critical to consider before buying. This is because some guns are way too oversized for younger kids. While they may look pretty awesome, you’ll find that younger ages will have a hard time trying to maneuver an oversized Nerf blaster in a Nerf war.
You’ll have to decide on which size of nerf gun is best suited for your style of play, and remember that larger weapons are much harder to aim even though they may pack more of a punch.

I’d recommend that you use smaller to medium-sized nerf blasters because these are the easiest to use for all ages and they are also the most practical in a home. If you’re playing outside, or in an open space then larger guns may be needed to get better distance.
Again, the size of the gun will need to be picked off of the size/age of the player and the location that your nerf battle will take place.

Nerf Gun Capacity —

If you want to be victorious on the nerf battlefield then you’ll want to be sure that your gun holds a lot of ammo, because if it doesn’t, then you’ll be scrambling to pick up Nerf bullets and likely end up getting hit in the process.
If you want to avoid this happening, you’ll want to make sure that the nerf blasters you buy can hold a lot of Nerf bullets, or else you’ll want to buy extra nerf magazines to store extra bullets with you. This is one way you can make sure you always have enough nerf ammunition to finish your Nerf wars without getting shot quickly.

Nerf Darts vs. Nerf Balls —

Another factor that you’ll want to consider is whether you wish to use Nerf Darts or Nerf Balls as your preferred ammo type. While both are great options, they aren’t compatible in the same guns so you’ll have to choose which ammunition type you’ll want to use.
Sticking to one type of ammo is also way cheaper because if you buy ammo that’s compatible with multiple guns, then you’ll be able to reuse it and likely use full magazines on different weapons within the same Nerf war.

Electric Nerfs Guns or Manually Powered Nerf Guns —

If you’re looking to buy the best Nerf gun that is suited to your style of play, then you’ll want to consider whether you want to be using an electric nerf gun or a manually powered Nerf gun.

There are pros and cons to both types of guns, but the main differences are that you’ll need to buy batteries for the electric nerf guns. With the electric-powered Nerf guns, you’ll usually receive a more high powered weapon, but this luxury comes at the cost of buying and replacing batteries.
If you buy a manually powered Nerf blaster, then you’ll never need to worry whether you have enough battery life to have a Nerf war, but at the same time, you may not have such a high powered weapon.

If you’re indoors, then the manually powered weapons will have more than enough range and power for the distances that you’ll be shooting, but if you find that you need to shoot a lot further, then you may want to turn to electric.
Electric Nerf Blasters also can be turned into an automatic weapon, which is a nice feature to have even with indoor play. But again, this is something that you’ll need to decide for yourself after you consider what your playing style is like.

Color of the Nerf Guns —

If you’re buying Nerf guns for an entire family to play with then you may want to choose various colors so that you can quickly determine which Nerf blasters belong to who. This will cause a lot fewer arguments about ownership, and you’ll be able to get to your nerf wars with little wasted time quickly.
Various colors can also be a feature in your gameplay to help you split up teams if you don’t have colored flags or team badges. This way, you’ll be able to quickly look at the color of their Nerf gun and be able to determine whether they are a friend or an enemy.

With using color-based teams, you’ll help to eliminate any friendly fire and ensure that your limited ammo is only spent on firing at your opposition.

Nerf Gun Price —

Finally, when you’re buying your Nerf gun, you’ll want to be sure that you buy a Nerf gun that is within your buying budget. If you’re looking to buy a Nerf gun, then you’ll find that there are a lot of features and a lot of different price ranges.
You’ll want to look at the total cost before buying your Nerf guns such as the protective equipment, extra Nerf bullets, and any other products that you’ll need in your nerf battles.

Best Nerf Gun Safety

Now that you’ve decided which Nerf gun is the best for you and your style of play, it’s time for you to learn how to handle your Nerf gun properly. This will help ensure that there aren’t any accidents or mishaps. There are guidelines that you should follow to ensure that you’re always playing with everyone’s safety in mind so that nobody gets hurt.

Here are some of the safety guidelines that you should follow:

Always Protect Your Eyes —

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re playing Nerf, but you don’t want any lasting injuries to occur because of your negligence to proper Nerf Safety. While Injuries in Nerf are few and far between, you still don’t want to chance getting shot in the eye and getting your vision damaged. This is why you should always make sure that every player is equipped with adequate eye protection before you begin gameplay.

Always make sure that you avoid aiming at the player’s face area, and try to aim for the legs or waist. This is smarter as a player because it’s a larger area to hit, but it’s also a safer tactic because then you won’t chance accidentally hitting people in the eyes or mouth.

Play in a Safe Environment —

When you’re playing Nerf, it can make players get tunnel vision and only focus on the enemies without realizing where they are or other potential dangers that could be around them.
Always make sure that there aren’t any unsafe structures that an unsuspecting child could climb up to leverage a better shooting position. Clear your field of play for any potential dangers before you start gameplay to ensure that each player is safe and won’t risk injuries.

Also, stay away from streets and roads so that any children being chased won’t accidentally run into a road with moving cars. Instead, set boundaries for fair play and any player that’s found outside the field limits will become an automatic casualty.

Gun Safety Tips —

Those were some of the clearest safety rules that you should follow when you’re playing nerf, but here are some other safety guidelines that you should follow whenever you’re playing Nerf.

Here are some of the rules that you should follow for the best gun safety:

  • Never look down your gun barrel because the gun could shoot you in the face when you’re in that position.
  • Always keep your fingers away from the trigger of your Nerf gun at all times. Only place your finger on the trigger when you’re ready to fire your weapon.
  • Only aim the barrel of your Nerf gun at targets which you intend to shoot. Never joke around and playfully aim your guns at friends when you’re not in gameplay.
  • Always unload your weapon in between gameplay, and never leave a loaded Nerf gun unattended.
  • Remove the weapon’s magazine and then clear the chamber to make sure that there are no rounds in the gun.
  • If your gun has a safety lock for the trigger then always put your weapon into safe mode whenever you’re not in gameplay.

These are just some of the tips that you’ll want to use to ensure that you’re always handling your weapons with your friends’ safety in mind at all times.

Best Nerf Gameplays

The beautiful thing about Nerf is that there is a lot of diversity when it comes to the style of gameplay that you’re able to use to participate in the game of Nerf. There are games for Solo Players, two players, or even the entire neighborhood. While running around and shooting other players is the most common form of Nerf, there are some set gameplays that you may want to use by yourself or with your friends.

Here are some of the Best Nerf Gameplays:

Team Play —

Team play is pretty simple because all you need to do is divide yourselves into two teams and then play with a respawn area. This means that once you’re shot, you’ll need to go back and respawn before going back out onto the Nerf Battlefield.

Usually, you’ll be able to respawn five times in a round before you’re permanently eliminated for that round. After there are no players left, then the last team to have players on the battlefield will win. Don’t worry if you get hit because respawning will give you time to reload your weapon and catch your breath so you can get back out there.

The amount of respawns that each player is allowed and the length of time that it takes to respawn will all have to be decided by the group that is playing.

Nerf Gun Freeze Tag —

Another fun gameplay that you may want to try out with your friends is called freeze tag with Nerf Guns. This game is very similar to the regular game of freeze tag where if you get tagged then you’ll need to freeze until a teammate tags and releases you.
There are variations of this game as well where you can get set free by getting shot by a teammate instead of needing to be touched to get set free.

Another variation is a timed freeze until you turn into an enemy. So let’s say that you get frozen and you stay frozen for more than 60 seconds then you’ll be able to re-enter the game except now you’re helping the team to freeze other players that were initially your teammates. You’ll want a flag or armband to help everyone distinguish who’s friendly and who’s trying to freeze you.

Glow In The Dark Nerf Battles —

This one might be a bit more difficult to play at any time because it’ll need to be dark inside and you’ll need glow in the dark bracelets to help you determine who’s on your team and who isn’t.

All you need to do is buy two colors of glow in the dark bracelets, and then turn off all of the lights and you’ll only be able to find players by their bracelets. This means that they can sneak around in the dark and hide their arms behind their back so you won’t be able to see them. Then when you least expect it, they’ll spring out at you while firing their Nerf blaster and you’ll have little time to shoot back.

Zombies —

If you’re looking for another fun gameplay then you’ll want to try Zombies. This gameplay is fun for all group sizes, and it’s relatively simple to play. All you’ll need is two different groups of players.
First off, you’ll choose a few players to be the “zombies,” and then once the zombies are let loose, they are only allowed to walk and not run.
If a zombie shoots another player, then that player will become a Zombie and join the Zombie team. However, you can turn your zombies into friendly players by successfully getting a headshot. If a zombie is shot in the head, then they will die and come back as a regular player, and the first team to eliminate all of the other players will be the winners.

Always remember to wear proper head protection for this game since you’ll be targeting the Zombie’s head and face area.

President —

Finally, you may want to try a little game called president, which is a perfect gameplay for all ages and sizes. You’ll want to designate one player as the “president” and then give this player a pistol. Next, you’ll want to find a few players who are willing to act as secret service agents.

Now you’ll want to find an area such as a shed and designate this as the “safe house” that the president needs to make it through without getting eliminated. Now it’ll be up to the secret agents to safely transport the president to the safehouse without getting ambushed.

If the president dies at any time, then the assassins will have won the game, but if the president can reach the safehouse, then there won’t be any way that he can get shot and the president will have won with the help of his secret service agents.
These are just some of the best Nerf Gameplays that you can use with your friends, but you can always get creative and add your own rules to make it more enjoyable for yourself.

How to Improve Your Nerf Game

If you’ve found that you’re always on the losing end of your Nerf battles and you’d like to change this trend by Improving your Nerf game, then you’ve come to the right place. We will teach you three fundamental Nerf strategies to help you win more Nerf games.

Here’s what you need to start doing if you want to Improve your Nerf Game:

Use a Lighter Gun —

You’ll want to use a lighter weapon because they are usually easier to handle and they can also help you aim better because your hands will become more steady with less weight.
You’ll also be able to carry a heavier Nerf gun for longer without getting tired which means that you’ll last a lot longer on the Nerf battlefield.

Save Your Ammo —

One thing I’ve noticed with Nerf players is that they tend to run into battle with their guns blazing and then suddenly they’re dry firing and don’t have any ammo left. This is something that you’ll want to take advantage of by saving your ammo. When you save your ammo, you’ll be able to wait out your enemies until they’re reloading and can’t fire back before you charge and strike them when they’re least ready. This strategy is something that you’ll want to use if you’re going to win more Nerf wars.

Stay Simple —

Another thing I’ve noticed with Nerf players is that they tend to go Parkour style as soon as they start running and act as though they’re the Next Ninja warrior with the way they try to leap over objects while firing their guns.

If you want to stay in the game for longer, then you should keep your game simple and not try to get too fancy. When you get too fancy, then this is when most people make their mistakes. Just hold your position and save your ammo so that you’re ready to take your best shot when the chance arises.

Conclusion — The Best Nerf Guns 2021

Hopefully, this article has helped you on your quest for finding the best nerf gun to add to your collection. Whether on not you found a Nerf gun that suits you from this list or another, we hope that you have a blast with your friends and family while waging war on the Nerf Battlefield.