Best Nose Hair Trimmers Updated April 2021

We have a hunch you might be looking for a nose hair trimmer. How do we know that you ask? Well, you searched for it, and you clicked on us because we write helpful and creative reviews. In this review, we took on the task of finding and reviewing the perfect, high-quality trimmer for you. So let’s nose-dive right into it.

Let’s face it. Your growing hair where you never thought you would, and you’re looking for electric nose hair trimmer because you or a loved one needs it.

Nose hair is not cool, tweezers hurt, and we all know how uncomfortable we feel when we’re trying to maintain eye contact with someone who has multiple strands of hair exploring the big, new world outside their nose. The solution to all of your problems is an electric nose hair trimmer.

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Tips Before You Buy

We have all purchased items that don’t work the way we thought they would. So we took it upon ourselves to help you test and find the perfect shaver. We wanted a shaver that got the job done, but didn’t trim every hair in sight, only the unruly ones. After all, you need some hair in your nose to defend against bacteria (yes, it turns out that is what it’s meant for).

We set out to find the most versatile, high-quality, and affordable nose hair trimmer. 

  • You need versatility for other grooming areas such as your ears, or light beard trimming.
  • High-quality, because you need a trimmer that will last with you through thick and thin.
  • And lastly, you need a trimmer that meets your budget.

So we compiled a list of 5 nose hair trimmers that we believe meet each of the above criteria. Let’s take a look!

1. PHILIPS 3000 NT3160/10 Trimmer

Philips Logo

PHILIPS 3000 NT3160/10 Features

PROS: Comfortable, durable, no hair pulling, waterproof, and able to trim eyebrows and ears
CONS: This trimmer does not include a light, which some other trimmers feature. However, this isn’t a dealbreaker
BLADE: ProtecTube Foil Guard

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Philips has established its name in the grooming world over the past decade. If you haven’t heard of them, you have probably been hiding under a rock or in a cave. 

The angled ProtecTube blade on Series 3000 makes it much easier to hit those tricky areas, while the cutter and guard design guarantees that all hairs are effectively sliced to prevent painful pulling.

The shaped knife often makes it much easier to shape eyebrows with two trimming attachments for different lengths so you can reach those problematic nose hairs or other difficult places. The combs tend to wear out, though, and there is no option to purchase replacements.

The 3000 is water-resistant so that you can carry it into the bathroom and clean, and the rubberized soft handling means better protection because nobody wants an entirely smooth nose due to potential bacteria. You should be aware that Philips does have a 5-in-1 groomer with the 3000 series. The 5 in 1 deal is great, but the nose hair trimmer included in that package is sub-par.

2. Panasonic ER430k Ear/Nose Trimmer

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic ER430k Features

PROS: Comfortable, versatile and high-quality. Not only can you trim your eyebrows, but you can also trim your beard
CONS: Battery life is slightly lower than the competitors
BLADE: Dual Edge w/ Vacuum

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The Panasonic ER430k is the best choice when it comes to Panasonic’s ear and nose trimmers products. What’s so special about it? For starters, it’s an all-in-one upgrade to your grooming arsenal as it efficiently extracts nose and ear hair as well as unnecessary facial hair.

Its dual-edge blades provide accurate cutting for beards and eyebrows. Furthermore, these blades are angled and stainless steel, and will not nick skin or pull hair out of its root. 

Another fantastic feature of Panasonic ER430k is its micro-vacuum feature. It allows users to neatly collect their trimmed nose, neck, and facial hair after trimming without leaving a mess in the sink Note: It’s the only nose hair trimmer with a built-in vacuum.

The Panasonic ER430k has an optimized rotary blade system for more effective trimming. Also, there is no hair pulling or tugging, and even the blades are hypo-allergenic, meaning they won’t cause allergic reactions in even the most sensitive people.

The durability of this trimmer alone offers another reason for adding it to your grooming repertoire. The dual-edged blades enable you to trim the hair from your eyebrows, while beard detailing and trimming sideburns are also an asset. Aside from all these beautiful features, it is also entirely waterproof and super easy to clean.

3. Wahl Groomsman Trimmer Kit

Wahl Logo

Wahl Groomsman Kit Features

PROS: Overall terrific trimming ability, and it comes with a complete kit
CONS: This is a pricier trimmer
BLADE: Rotary Hypo-Allergenic High-Carbon
BATTERY: Corded/Cordless

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The Wahl Groomsman kit is among the finest nose and beard trimmer kits on the market. This nose hair trimmer can be used either wet or dry. This is convenient if your grooming needs to be done in the bathroom, and you don’t want any hair sticking to your body. You may also use them in the tub or sink. The trimmer is 100% waterproof and is easy to clean by simply rinsing it under the tap.

If you wish, you can use this trimmer in wet conditions because it is a cordless trimmer. You’ll get up to ninety minutes of battery life with a full charge, which is also impressive.

The Wahl groomsman beard & nose trimmer can effectively trim nose and ear hair. This tool makes trimming inside of your nose & ears a quick and easy task. You can also use it to detail beards and do eyebrows. The trimmer runs smoothly, and you won’t notice any tugging or pulling.

The blades in the Wahl trimmer are high-carbon to maximize cutting power. Each blade is also rounded to cut your hair without scratching or nicking your skin.

Additionally, the blades are designed to reduce sensitive skin reactions. Nickel is known to trigger skin reactions, which is why Wahl chose to use stainless steel. Curving the blades is also helpful because they accommodate the shapes of your nostrils or ear canals. 

The nose trimmer head also has a protective cone so that your skin doesn’t come into immediate contact with the sharp blades.

4. Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose/Ear Trimmer

Panasonic Logo

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Features

PROS: This is a very versatile trimmer that is also easy to clean
CONS: Blades can jam with hair
BLADE: Rotary Steel

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This trimmer has a built-in Vortex cleaning system, and for the most part, you shouldn’t have to worry about jamming it. If you want to wash it, you can rinse it under the tap and shake it dry. The Panasonic ER-GN30 is also completely water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about ruining its motor or any other components with water.

 Its curved shape enables you to keep the trimmer in your hand, even when slippery and wet, without dropping it and otherwise damaging it. You can easily control it, allowing you to reach all those tiny areas in your nose or ears where hair commonly is seen. The versatility of this machine will enable you to cut at almost any angle. You can also use it for trimming eyebrows.

This Pansonic trimmer has a unique blade. It’s dual-edge, and hypo-allergenic, reducing allergic reactions to people who may be allergic to metals like nickel. The knife is at a sixty-degree angle, making it perfect for trimming odd angles. The blade is designed to cut all hairs easily, with no tugging or yanking.

Panasonic-ER-GN30-K Kit Panasonic ER-GN30-K operates on a double-A (AA) cell. You’ll have to add batteries to your order, as none are included in the packaging. New batteries average ninety minutes or so of run-time, which is excellent.

The Panasonic ER-GN30 is small enough to take the road with you or stay in your bathroom cabinet. It’s the perfect compact trimmer set for use in almost any scenario.

5. Wahl Micro Groomsman Pen Trimmer

Wahl Logo

Wahl Micro Groomsman Pen Trimmer Features

PROS: Light and compact, versatile heads for nose and ears, extra combs for added use, and longer battery life
CONS: The aluminum casing can be fragile
BLADE: Rotary Carbon Steel

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The first thing you’ll note when you see this trimmer is its length. With a length of 0.5 inches and an anodized aluminum covering, it is one of the most compact trimmers out there. To make it as compact as possible, Wahl made an anodized aluminum casing. This also provides much more mobility while using it. 

A single battery should provide years of use, as you only need one AAA lithium battery to power this trimmer. As predicted, the battery will likely well surpass the lifetime of the unit. A battery is also provided, so you will not need to purchase one.

This trimmer offers easy maintenance, and it’s made from stainless steel. The rotary head and the trimmer blade are also entirely waterproof. When you’ve done trimming, remove them from the body and wash them under running water to clean.

Additionally, the trimmer comes with a safety cap you can slip on whenever you aren’t using it. This stops dirt and other debris from entering the blade and hampering trimmer usability. If you want a trimmer that can easily tackle the hair in sensitive areas, the choice is an excellent choice. It is also great for those who need to do some fine detail trimming like outlining their beard or shaping their eyebrows.

Tiny and lightweight, this trimmer fits easily in your pocket. In addition, the sharp, robust blades and battery that can resist years of regular usage help ensure exceptional accuracy and reliability.


We hope that you have found this review somewhat helpful. Hopefully, you found what you were looking for. If you didn’t find a product that you were happy with buying, the brands mentioned above have a variety of other products that we didn’t have room to mention.

Just remember that you should always choose your trimmer based on quality. Although price does play a role, with these products, a lower cost usually correlates to cheaper quality. In our opinion, these products are priced reasonably, considering what you get, so you can get the best of both quality and price.